Fitness Tarantula Membership (Intense Fitness Videos)

Over a year's worth of intense fitness videos!

  • Tailored to those of you who embrace challenging workouts.
  • Home programs, gym programs, and optimized for many devices for a no excuses environment.
  • Programs developed by athletes modeled after how they personally train to get and stay in shape.
  • Coming very soon.
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Intense Fitness Tarantula Workout DVDs

Original bodyweight-based and minimal equipment-based intense fitness programs!

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The Permanent Sexiness Formula

A dynamic guide and tool set to help you go from "I'll get around to it" to "I finally get it"!

  • Coming Soon
  • Bits and Pieces Will Be Released During Beta
  • Enough to Already Make a Difference!
  • Hope to make a significant difference in your life!
Coming Soon!