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Gravity Training 101 Workout DVD


Gravity Training 101 with Mike Kamph

Whether you are new to intense fitness or have taken a break and need a stepping stone to help you build that base before diving into the toughest fitness routines out there, “Gravity Training 101” is the perfect preparatory program for you. Don’t be misled by the numbers; this is an introductory course to an intense fitness lifestyle, not just to working out. For the next month, trainer Mike Kamph provides a curriculum that will thoroughly challenge your entire body with dynamic, gravity (bodyweight) based routines, all of which are under 40 minutes apiece.

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Product Description

Workout 1: Full Body: Upper Body Focus (Total routine time: 32:55)
A full-body circuit-based workout that emphasizes isolating the muscles of the chest,
arms, and upper back, this routine is designed to test your strength and build cardio
Workout 2: Full Body: Lower Body Focus (Total routine time: 35:28)
A full-body circuit-based workout that focuses on your legs and glutes, this routine builds
up cardio endurance, burns fat, and builds powerful lower-body strength.
Workout 3: Hard Core (Total routine time: 28:56)
An abdominal-intensive workout that focuses on the abdominals and obliques, this routine
greatly increases your core strength and helps to sculpt your waistline.
Workout 4: Full Body: Strength Focus (Total routine time: 38:17)
A full-body circuit-based workout that targets every major muscle group, this routine is all
about building strength.