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Extreme Yoga Boot Camp Workout DVD


Extreme Yoga Boot Camp with Kristin Sanders

This month, challenge every muscle, every joint, every millimeter of your body. Each routine in “Extreme Yoga Boot Camp” is literally non-stop, seamlessly oscillating between circuits of extreme-intensity boot camp-style exercise and power yoga. Creator and yoga expert Kristin empowers you to live an intense fitness lifestyle with an exhausting yet exhilarating bodyweight-based program that results in strength, conditioning, and fat burning – all while gaining flexibility and body awareness. Namaste!

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Product Description

Workout 1: Upper Body Blast (Total routine time: 47:05)
Blast away fat while gaining strength and flexibility in a high-intensity routine that fuses
fast-paced boot camp style exercises with Vinyasa yoga and targets your arms, chest,
and back.
Workout 2: Lower Body Blast (Total routine time: 44:54)
Lower Body Blast blends yoga, cardio, and plyometrics into one super-charged, sweatfilled
routine aimed at strengthening and sculpting your legs and glutes.
Workout 3: Core and Restore (Total routine time: 29:42)
This workout focuses on strengthening your core and serves to repair your other
muscles with deep yoga stretching in between the more intense routines of the program.
Workout 4: Cardio and Conditioning (Total routine time: 53:50)
This challenging, sweat-tastic routine focuses on conditioning your muscles, enhancing
your cardio endurance, and improving your balance and stability.
Workout 5: Totally Toned (Total routine time: 52:00)
This full-body routine combines strengthening yoga exercises with conditioning boot campstyle
drills to totally turn that flab into fab after you rise to the challenge.